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10 Diy Storage Solutions On Home Interior


The following 10 DIY storage solutions will help you maximize the use of your space and get organized.

The Under-Sink Storage Solution

The under-sink storage solution is a great place to keep cleaning products and other items that you don’t want cluttering up your kitchen. You can use either a basket or plastic container, depending on how many things you want to store and how much space is available. If you need more room for storing things, consider using a plastic drawer rather than just one big container or basket.

Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe storage solutions can be used to store shoes, boots and slippers. You can make a shoe organizer out of a shoe rack or caddy. A simple way to organize your shoes is to put them in the closet or under the bed. You can also store them in cabinets or cabinet doors.

The Overdoor Shoe Hanger

If you’re looking for a way to store your shoes and hats, an overdoor shoe rack is the perfect solution. You can hang this storage unit on the inside or outside of your door, depending on which side you want to use it. If your room has limited space and you don’t have much floor space available at all, this type of storage solution makes sense because it hangs right overtop where shoes would normally sit anyway!

There are many different types of these products available online: some are made from wood while others are made from plastic; some come with hooks while others include other accessories like drawers or baskets (which work well for storing shoes).

Kids Room Organizer

Kids rooms are a great place to start when you’re looking for storage solutions. Whether your kid’s room is just starting out, or it has been around for awhile, there’s always room for improvement. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Organize toys in bins or boxes that are labeled with their names and then stored on shelves by type (blocks with blocks, cars with cars). You can also put together a toy chest with drawers that pulls out so kids can see everything inside easily!
  • If your child likes to read books before bedtime or whenever they have time during the day, organize them by genre (fiction vs nonfiction) and age level so they can find exactly what they want quickly when needed most!
  • Clothes tend not to get much attention when organizing closets because many adults only care about themselves – but children need help too! Make sure each item has its own hanger space so nothing gets lost in piles somewhere else where nobody knows where anything else would go if something wasn’t there already.”

The Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen pantry is a great place to store dry goods and canned goods. It’s also an ideal spot for spices, cooking ingredients, cleaning supplies and food items that you use regularly (like cereal).

If you’re working with limited space in your kitchen cabinets or don’t want to clutter up your countertops with boxes of pasta or rice bags, consider hanging storage units from the ceiling instead of using vertical shelves on the walls. This makes it easier for everyone in the household–especially children–to reach them without having to stretch their arms up high over their heads just so they can grab something off one of those top shelves!

DIY Caddy for your Linens

Do you have a linen closet? A caddy is a great way to organize your linens, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can use any basket, box or container that’s large enough to hold your items. Covering the container with fabric or paper is optional–if you want a simple look without any frills (and don’t mind the possibility of dust getting trapped in the folds), then go ahead and skip this step!

If you want something more decorative and easy-to-clean, consider adding some handles on either side of your caddy so that it’ll be easy for anyone who uses it (including kids) to carry around on laundry day. Another option is adding labels so everyone knows what goes where when they’re storing their clothes away at night before bedtime: shirts go here; socks go there…you get the idea!

Convert a Desk Into a Wardrobe Cabinet

Converting an unused desk into a wardrobe cabinet is one of the most popular DIY hacks. To do this, you’ll need an old desk and a mirror. Screw the mirror to the wall above your desk and then place your dresser or chest of drawers in front of it so that it looks like a closet door when you open it up! Next, add shelves or racks along both sides of your new wardrobe cabinet (you may want to measure first). Finally – decorate with hooks or hangers!

Shelving in the Closet to Store Shoes and Outerwear

You can use the shelf to store your shoes and outerwear in order of size. This will keep them organized, and you’ll always know which pair goes with what outfit.

You can also use the shelf to store all of your shoes in one place, so that they’re not scattered throughout the closet or taking up space on shelves elsewhere in the house.

Shoe Rack on the Door of the Closet or Bedroom.

If you have a closet or bedroom door, you should consider using it as a place to store your shoes. This way, they are not just lying around the house and taking up space. Instead they will be neatly organized and easy to access when needed. You can purchase a simple shoe rack that has enough room for all your shoes while still leaving room on top for clothes or other items such as hats or purses.

The only problem with this idea is that many shoe racks aren’t very sturdy so they may fall off if bumped into hard enough by someone walking past them in their bedroom (or worse yet stepping on them!). But if done properly by attaching brackets directly onto the door frame itself – making sure there’s enough space between each bracket so as not too put undue stress on each one – then it should work just fine!

These Diy storage solutions will help you maximize the use of your space and get organized.

> As you get started, don’t forget to label your containers. This is an easy way to make sure you know what’s inside and when it needs to be replaced.

> Don’t forget about the closet! If there are clothes hanging in your closet that haven’t been worn in months or even years, take them out of their hangers and put them into storage containers for future use. This will free up space for other items that need to be stored in there like shoes or scarves (or whatever else).

> Finally, don’t forget about drawers! Drawers can easily become cluttered with items lying around inside them–especially if they’re small enough so that everything just fits without having room for air flow between things like socks/underwear etcetera…so once again: clean out those drawers!


The key to getting organized is finding the right storage solutions for your space. By using these DIY ideas, you can save money and create customized solutions that meet your needs. The best part about these projects? They’re easy to make and customize according to what works best for you!